As we prepare to say goodbye to the current year and usher a shiny new one in, people everywhere are wrapping up loose ends and bringing their business goals into focus. Much like the new year’s resolutions so many of us take on, this is an opportunity to step into the coming year a bit better organized, with goals in mind — and, ideally, to move forward poised for success. Read on for insight into business-friendly resolutions aimed at making that process a bit simpler.

Resolve to Take Stock of Current Coverage, Balances and Accounts
There’s no denying day-to-day life gets busy (and, at times, messy). Now is the time to get things sorted out. Evaluate any outstanding payments — either on your end or clients’ — and take steps to get those resolved. What about subscription services? Are there any you pay for, but no longer need? Cancel them. Are online security accounts and protections up to date? Check with your IT team. While you’re at it, get a handle on the business insurance side of things. What protection do you have in place? Is it time to rethink your approach or purchase additional coverage? Are your latest purchases (technology, equipment and even vehicles) accounted for on your plan? All too often, people fail to consider what is — and isn’t — covered until the time comes to put in a claim.

Resolve to Consider the More Tangible Parts of Your Work
Bank statements and insurance coverage are important aspects of your operations, but they aren’t your only considerations. Take steps to think through the physical elements that contribute to your company’s risk management approach. Is there necessary building repair work you continue putting off? Has it been a while since you performed a walk-through of your overall property? Are there safety and security issues you keep meaning to address, but simply never get around to? Work those into your schedule now. Walk-throughs and assessments don’t take nearly as much time as you might imagine — and they can protect you from costly damage or even employee injuries down the line. Our Commercial Property Building Inspection sheet offers an easy checklist to ensure nothing important gets missed when tackling your inspection.

 Resolve to Set Specific Goals for Your Business
Everyone performs better when they have something to work toward — businesses included. Gather with management, or bring the whole team together for a toolbox talk of sorts, to determine what you hope to accomplish in the coming 365 days. Perhaps your aim is to avoid turnover and hold onto stellar team members, or to hit specific sales goals. Maybe you’d like to increase communication among your team members to keep everyone better engaged. (Our 5 Tips for Top Communication sheet can help with that!) Whatever the case, determining your goals is only half the job. You’ll need to lay out a desired timeline (and plan of action) to help those goals become a reality. Get a follow-up meeting on your schedule so you can assess your progress and, if necessary, retool your approach.

There are all sorts of opportunities that await at the start of the new year, and with a few targeted business goals (and some elbow grease, too) you can start things off on the right foot. If you have questions on any of the above, or if you’re interested in learning how BCH can help your business in the areas of risk management services, business insurance or employee benefits, feel free to reach out. Our team is always glad to help. Happy New Year!