Claims Management

Risk Management

Making Life Simpler with All-Encompassing Claims Management Assistance

At BCH, we understand the frustrations associated with claims management. Our risk management experts are here to help make claims management simple — and help alleviate any headaches. The licensed adjusters who make up our claims management team are your go-to source for every aspect of the claims management process, and they’re on your side. From communicating with various parties on your behalf, to educating you about what to expect and helping to make sure you’re better prepared for whatever else might lie ahead, our claims advocates have you covered through the entire duration of the claims process.

BCH Claims Management Offerings Include:

  • Adjuster Communication
  • Assistance in Identifying Outside Resources
  • Best Claims Handling Program
  • Claims Reporting to the Carrier
  • Loss Reserves Monitoring
  • Manage Your Claims Seminars
  • Monitoring of Potential Subrogation Sources
  • Workers’ Compensation Return to Work Program

When Not Every Claim Has to Cause Headaches.

BCH works hard to make claims management quick, painless and simple. Let us help.

Always in the Know.

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