Safety & Loss Control

Risk Management

Reducing Loss Through Expert Houston Risk Management Services.

BCH’s Houston risk management team is dedicated to understanding clients’ unique businesses and the risks they face — and implementing risk strategies that makes sense. We view ourselves as part of your team, working toward the same goal when it matters. As such, our risk advisors keep the conversation going and keep you informed as we evaluate your current operations using targeted risk surveys and detailed inspections.

Once our Houston risk management experts gauge where your company stands, we put our partnerships with well-known insurance companies to work. We’ll provide your team with training sessions, in-depth risk management resources and other tools to help reduce the likelihood of loss —and lessen the impact should the unexpected occur.

Our Safety & Loss Control Program Includes:

  • Classroom Training
  • Equipment Asset Protection
  • Industrial Hygiene Information
  • Jobsite Safety Meetings
  • Motor Vehicle Safety Education
  • On-Site Training
  • OSHA Training
  • Safety Meeting Agendas
  • Surveys & Inspections
  • Train the Trainer  Events

Because Compliance Matters

All BCH Safety & Loss Control programs satisfy nationally recognized standards, as well as federal and state codes. Applicable agency considerations include:

National Fire Protection Association
US Department of Transportation

When it’s Time to Get Started.

BCH’s risk management, benefits and insurance experts are here to keep your company protected on every front.

Always in the Know.

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