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Live Well, Work Well: November 2023

In this month’s issue we’ll discuss tips for managing or reducing your risk of diabetes, talk through important points you should know about dietary supplements, offer tips for adjusting to Daylight Saving Time and provide a pumpkin pancake recipe you’ll flip for.


Client News: Cybersecurity is Everyone’s Responsibility

When so much day-to-day business is powered by the internet, safe online practices are key. Cybersecurity Awareness Month is an ideal time to take stock of company practices, address potential security issues and keep operations protected. The BCH newsletter offers insights to help your team spot potential cyber threats and stop them before they do damage.

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Live Well, Work Well: October 2023

In this month’s issue we’ll offer insights into avoiding illness through the fall and winter seasons, provide tips for stocking a nutritious kitchen and lay out a leafy tofu recipe that’s flavorful and good for you, too.


Client News: Keeping Your Company Prepared for the Unexpected

Even the strongest companies can’t safeguard against everything — especially when disaster scenarios enter the mix. National Preparedness Month presents an ideal opportunity to assess and address issues that could substantially impact your people and operations. The BCH newsletter offers disaster planning insights to help companies remain at the ready.

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Live Well, Work Well: September 2023

In this month’s issue we’ll discuss the impacts healthy habits have on a person’s overall happiness, offer insights into anxiety screening recommendations, discuss how much exercise is really recommended for optimal heart health — and provide an apple oatmeal muffin recipe you’ll love.


HR Edge: Third Quarter 2023

In the third quarter of 2023, we cover the increasingly popular shift toward skills-based hiring, discuss the impacts weight loss drugs have on team member health and company benefits packages, and talk through ways employee wellness programs can help you recruit and retain quality talent.

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Client News: Easing You into Open Enrollment Season

Open enrollment season is an important time of year, but it can be stressful for employers and employees alike. The BCH newsletter offers insights to help companies simplify the process, help employees select their ideal plan options, and to guide the season successfully forward for all.

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Live Well, Work Well: August 2023

In this month’s issue we’ll offer self-discipline insights to help you go after and achieve your goals, discuss a few things you should know about caffeine intake, provide info on the benefits health care tech has to offer — and pass along a tasty salad recipe, too.


Live Well, Work Well: July 2023

In this month’s issue we’ll talk through food safety tips for summertime picnics, offer insights into protecting against skin cancer, discuss reasons to avoid artificial sweeteners and provide a whole grain strawberry pancake recipe we know you’ll love.


Client News: Taking Safety Complacency Out of the Equation

An efficient workplace with seasoned professionals often works like a well-oiled machine. When team members become too comfortable on the job, however, it can lead to complacency that puts safety at risk. The BCH newsletter offers tips on spotting complacency in its many forms, and ways to encourage practices that keep team members and operations protected.

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