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Live Well, Work Well: May 2024

In this month’s issue we’ll discuss stigmas surrounding mental health and the importance of showing support, talk through the benefits active recovery plays in one’s fitness routine and offer insights into why it’s best to stick to in-season produce. You’ll also find a tastebud-pleasing recipe for a spring vegetable sauté.


Client News: Protect What Matters with Niche Insurance

Risks might be an inherent part of business, but the specific risks a company faces can vary dramatically based on its industry and operational approach. The BCH newsletter offers insights into niche insurance offerings available and the best ways to determine which options make the most sense for your needs.

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Live Well, Work Well: April 2024

In this month’s issue you’ll find insights into the health benefits walking offers, ways to stop seasonal allergies in their tracks and what makes the Mediterranean diet the best in the world. We also include a chicken and white bean salad recipe that’s sure to please.


HR Edge: First Quarter 2024

In the first quarter of 2024, we cover details and potential risks surrounding the U.S. Department of Labor’s new independent contractor rule, discuss the growing trend among employers to offer reproductive health care and family-building benefits, and look at the increasingly important role remote work plays in the modern-day workplace.

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Live Well, Work Well: March 2024

In this month’s issue we offer tips for keeping your kidneys healthy, discuss the important role protein plays in the body and provide a friendly reminder that Tax Day’s just around the corner. You’ll also find a flavor-packed English muffin pizza recipe you’re going to love!


Live Well, Work Well: February 2024

In this month’s issue you’ll find insights into ways to boost heart health, how (and why) to reduce your sodium intake and cleaning tips for your reusable water bottle. You’ll also find a baked parmesan fish recipe that’s packed with flavor and heart-healthy benefits!


Client News: Don’t Leave Your Business Out in the Cold

The winter season might offer a welcome relief from the Texas heat, but it introduces its own set of obstacles, too. Dangerous working conditions, weather-related closures and failure to properly plan can all disrupt operations and result in costly long-term consequences. But a little forethought makes all the difference. The BCH newsletter offers advice to keep your company prepared all season long.

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Live Well, Work Well: January 2024

In this month’s issue you’ll find insights into everything from setting resolutions that stick, to the health benefits “Dry January” offers and protecting your skin in the cold. We also include a simple, savory stew recipe you’ll love!


Live Well, Work Well: December 2023

In this month’s issue we’ll offer tips for managing your money and mindful eating during the holiday season, discuss the best times to work out to achieve optimum results and provide a citrus chicken recipe that’s healthy and full of flavor.


Live Well, Work Well: November 2023

In this month’s issue we’ll discuss tips for managing or reducing your risk of diabetes, talk through important points you should know about dietary supplements, offer tips for adjusting to Daylight Saving Time and provide a pumpkin pancake recipe you’ll flip for.


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