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HR Edge: Third Quarter 2022

In the third quarter of 2022, we cover steps employers can take to prevent “quiet quitting” in the workplace, discuss the many benefits of offering learning and development (L&D) incentives and provide insights into the top five HR trends to monitor in 2023.

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Live Well, Work Well: November 2022

In this month’s issue we discuss ways to remain financially stable in the event of a recession, cover methods to help you combat the side effects of daylight savings time and review healthy practices during American Diabetes Month.


Client News: Trends in Cybersecurity and Construction EMR

With cyber incidents and construction Experience Modification Rates (EMR) on the rise, companies are faced with the challenge of minimizing the likelihood of loss through employee education and internal procedures. To help your team stay alert and reduce potential business risks, we’ve outlined useful resources and industry-specific insights.

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Live Well, Work Well: October 2022

In this month’s issue we discuss maintaining a healthy household during flu season, provide a quick guide to medicine cabinet essentials and cover tips to help you plan for a stress-free holiday.


Client News: Liability Coverages Your Company Should Be Considering

Is your company protected against costly claims? Businesses should compare the needs of the company against existing liability coverages, but it’s also important to consider trends in the insurance market. For instance, specialty policies such as directors & officers (D&O) insurance may be well worth the cost with the recent rise in D&O lawsuits. Read our monthly newsletter for insights into finding the right coverage to protect your business and those within it.

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Live Well, Work Well: September 2022

In this month’s issue we explore how mindful eating improves overall health and wellness, discuss preparing for natural disasters and review the most common red flags associated with phone scams.


Client News: Can Your Company Benefit from Virtual Open Enrollment Opportunities?

Open enrollment season may present unique challenges for companies with employees subject to travel, relocation or frequent schedule changes. As a result, many employers are customizing the enrollment processes to meet the needs of a diverse workforce. Read on for insights into virtual enrollment opportunities and resources to help you plan for open enrollment season.

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HR Edge: Second Quarter 2022

In the second quarter of 2022, we examine factors contributing to employee retention challenges, explore the benefits of incorporating mental wellbeing initiatives in the workplace and discuss the role corporate social responsibility plays in today’s work climate.

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Client News: Avoiding Common ADA Accommodation Oversights

Now more than ever, it’s important for business owners to be mindful and informed when it comes to implementing policies and education regarding employee disabilities. Read on for insights into reasonable accommodation requests, common mistakes to avoid and ADA compliance resources.

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