Resources to Guide Your Business Through the COVID-19 Coronavirus

The COVID-19 coronavirus led to an abrupt halt not only to people’s everyday lives, but to the way businesses everywhere operate. And its effects will be felt long after we adjust to the so-called “new normal.” At BCH, we’re here to help you navigate these unprecedented times and keep your business operating safely, effectively and a way that keeps you compliant. Read on for helpful tools and resources related to the COVID-19 coronavirus.

COVID-19 Business Resources

Coronavirus 2019 — Facts and Resources >

Coronavirus Recording and Reporting Under OSHA Rules >

COVID Record Keeping >

COVID-19 HR Guidance and Best Practices >

HR Compliance Bulletin: New Coronavirus Relief Laws >

Maintaining Mental Well-Being During a Quarantine >

Reopening a Business After the Coronavirus Shutdown >

Stay Home, Work Safe Order: “Essential Services” Includes Insurance Services >

Updated BCH Strategy for Coronavirus 2019 >

Workers Comp Insights: Coronavirus Considerations >

Improving Virtual Meetings >

Preparing for a Second Wave of COVID-19 Cases >

Five Ways COVID-19 is Reshaping HR>

Establishing Company Culture in the Remote Workplace>

Post-Coronavirus Return-to-Work Plans and EAPs>

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