Employee retention — and, of course, the initial attraction that gets potential team members through your door — is crucial for any successful company. Why? Because having established team members on staff who know your operations and customers not only helps keep your company on firmer footing, but can help you provide better service, too. As we enter 2021, Brady, Chapman, Holland & Associates encourages you to consider your company’s existing practices and find ways to step into the new year poised for success. Read on for helpful advice from our experts.

Take Stock of Existing Practices
The first step toward any form of improvement is to understand your current standings. Take a moment to consider your company as an outsider might. What sort of culture do you promote? Do you provide any special benefits? What opportunities exist for career advancement? (And remember — be honest!) It’s best to start the process with a deep understanding not only of your company’s strong suits, but areas that could use some improvement, too. Asking for current team members’ input is a great way to get everyone involved at this stage and to pinpoint aspects you might have otherwise missed.

Consider How You Stack Up
Once you have an idea of your company’s standings, it’s time to look at what’s going on outside. Research what’s important to modern-day jobseekers, as well as what other companies offer. For instance, a recent study reports that approximately 44% of employers now provide flexible working options in today’s post-COVID world. Meanwhile, the number of companies seeking out racial and cultural diversity data as it relates to their workforce increased by 74% in recent months. Taking into consideration the ongoing pandemic, as well as recent discussions regarding equality and diversity, such topics likely matter to those who work within your organization — or who might in the future. Again, consider asking existing team members what, if anything, they believe might make working at your company even better.

Get the Word Out
Outside perception can go a long way toward helping you establish your company as a leader in the industry (and an ideal place for prospective candidates to work). Social media posts highlighting workplace advances, company outings and the like can help make your culture known to potential team members and clients, too. A video posted on your website — and those same social media outlets — is another great way to let folks know what you’re all about. Don’t forget your job postings. These areas are prime real estate that should include detailed information about the company, culture and specific job duties.

Employee retention and attraction isn’t an exact science. And, to find success, it does take some work. Luckily, a bit of research into your own company and the market as a whole can make a world of difference. Our Market Recap Report offers insight into everything from what you can expect to see in coming months, to how to craft a quality job listing. Download your copy to start your 2021 off on the right foot. Happy New Year, friends!