If you’re a long-time friend and client, or even a recent one who’s known us for a few months, you’ve likely noticed our new website. At Brady, Chapman, Holland & Associates (BCH) we believe a little change is a good thing every now and then, so long as it’s done with purpose. We are pleased to announce that, in an effort to better portray who we are as a company — and all that we offer — BCH is rolling out a brand-new look and feel! Here are a few things to know about the new BCH brand.

First and Foremost, We’re Still the Company You’ve Always Known

Since our founding in 1983, BCH has taken pride in providing expert assistance in the areas of risk management, business insurance and employee benefits. Although we might look a little snazzier, it’s all simply part of our effort to better tell our story, and to communicate more effectively with those we serve. (OK, and a little facelift is a lot of fun every now and then, too.) Behind the new brand, however, we’re the same folks you’ve trusted for years with your business needs.

Our New Tagline Touches on Our Goal When Serving Clients

You’ll see a new tagline, “When it Matters,” accompanying our company logo in most places — and even on things like our new website and marketing pieces. The message behind it is simple: BCH wants to be there for our clients when it matters. Whether that means helping them pull together unique employee benefits that helps them attract and retain the best in the business, offering in-depth risk management strategies to help them sidestep potential trouble or even create a commercial insurance package that keeps them protected against the unexpected, BCH can help.

The New Website is Easier to Navigate than Ever

At BCH we like making life easier, both in person and online. We believe our new website is a great way to do just that. Now, you can find full information on each of our three divisions, Risk Management, Business Insurance and Employee Benefits, broken out in a way that makes a bit more sense than before. We’ve also tried to make it more convenient for clients to access pertinent information and tools they reference frequently. You’ll now find all BCH forms together on a single page, for instance, while our BCHeadquarters page keeps you clued into upcoming seminars, webinars and similar events. Of course, that’s just the beginning. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with our new website!

We look forward to taking this exciting next step for our company, and to being there for your business when it matters.