A Your company likely works hard to keep workplace injuries at bay. You make necessary repairs to create a safer environment. You meet with your risk advisor regularly to spot potential issues and stop them in their tracks. You maintain the right coverage to stand protected when the unexpected does occur. But even those steps aren’t always enough.

The simple truth is, there’s a risk of workplace injuries in virtually everything a team does. (Even those tasks that seem safe.) The key is to understand where some of the bigger dangers lie, determine the best ways to protect against such concerns and arm employees with the tools and knowledge they need to operate in a safer manner. Read on for a bit of insight from the risk management experts at BCH.    

Consider the Muscle Strain Associated with Everyday Work
Even seemingly simple tasks can lead to unwelcome aches and pains. Performing the same movements repeatedly — addressing and stamping large quantities of mail, for instance, or putting together parts on an assembly line — can lead to repetitive motion injuries that have lasting effects. Meanwhile, carrying out physical tasks in a manner that doesn’t make ergonomic sense (such as lifting heavy objects with one’s back instead of one’s legs) can keep a person in pain for the long haul. Regular reminders can make all the difference. Touch on the topic of ergonomics during regular training sessions or toolbox talks, and offer gentle corrections when you spot team members tackling work in an unsafe way. Not only can these actions keep your team members feeling their best and working efficiently, but they can benefit you, the employer, in big ways. Safe practices help you avoid costly workers compensation payments and the headaches associated with finding ways to carry out your work while injured employees are on the mend.
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Remain Vigilant Regarding Surroundings — and Ask Your Team to Do the Same
People often link workplace dangers to concerns surrounding heavy equipment and risky tasks. And, while such situations can result in injury, complacency during everyday undertakings (such as simple walks through the workplace) can be just as worrisome. Damp entryways following rain showers increase the risk of slips, for example, while strewn-about items during office moves or seasonal cleanup can lead unsuspecting team members to trip and fall. We recommend regularly taking a step back to assess the workplace situation as a whole. Could certain objects or pieces of furniture become trip hazards? Could kitchen messes create unsafe scenarios? Are safety considerations such as handrails screwed in tightly and safe for use? If you spot unsafe situations, do something about them — and encourage others to report their findings, too. A bit of added vigilance can drastically lower the likelihood of workplace injuries.
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While there’s no way to completely eliminate the threat of workplace injuries, simple steps such as those listed above can really help. If you’re interested in learning more — or simply curious about BCH’s risk management, business insurance and employee benefits offerings — please contact our team. We’re always happy to help!